Opportunities To Serve

Opportunities To Serve

Lakeside church of Christ Introduction

The Lakeside church of Christ is located in Northeast Florida, along the western bank of the St. Johns River. The congregation began in the mid-1970s in a school classroom and grew to the facility we have today.

Sunday morning worship has 350 in attendance. Other regularly scheduled services are Sunday evening and Wednesday evening Bible study. There are classes for all ages. Those attending at Lakeside are diverse with respect to age, ethnicity and background. Many members moved to the area from other states. The blessing of new Christians and potential Christians moving into the area continues.

Anytime someone visits our services they will be warmly welcomed and find worship that is true to the New Testament. They will be encouraged to what is right in the eyes of God and discouraged from doing what is wrong. Equally important, they will be encouraged to take an active role in some aspect of the Lord’s work and to expand their service by accepting new responsibilities as part of growth in Christian maturity. The Plan of Work, available upon request, details the services in the name of the Lord that Lakeside undertakes. Additional information about our congregation may be found elsewhere on our website.

The full-time minister at Lakeside is responsible for involvement.  Chris Lyden is the involvement minister.  The pulpit minister position is currently open and expected to be filled during 2023.  Dustin James and Chris Milford are the two part-time youth ministers. Deanna Tucker is church secretary and is also a part-time employee.