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Sunday Morning Worship Assembly

Each Sunday we gather to encourage one another and worship God (Hebrews 10:25). We know that making that first visit to a new place can cause some apprehension, so allow us to share with you what you can expect.

Friendly Faces

We want to be the friendliest church around. We love welcoming guests into our church home every week. You will be greeted with a smile and a handshake. We also have a Welcome Center available for you to pick up information to learn more about us. Do not worry about being embarrassed; we will not have you stand or single you out. However, you may have someone ask you to lunch!

God-Honoring Worship

We worship for an audience of One. Our goal in worship is to express the worthiness of God. We hope to be the type of worshippers that God desires (John 4:23-24). In our gatherings you will experience passionate singing and prayers, a message from God’s Word applicable to your life, and a time set aside to honor Jesus through the Lord’s Supper. We also set aside a time during the assembly for our members to contribute money, to further the cause of Christ in our world.

Meaningful Bible Classes

Before a time of worship together, we divide into Bible classes geared toward deeper study of God’s Word. We have classes for kids and adults on a variety of topics that will help us all become better followers of Jesus. Our children’s classes are taught by qualified teachers who have a love and passion to help children learn about Jesus. Our adult classes are great times for digging deep into God’s Word and learning the treasures of His glorious truths.

Edifying Experience

At the end of our gathering, we want everyone to feel edified. We want you to have been encouraged, challenged, and committed to following Jesus with zeal the following week.