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June 4, 2017

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June 4, 2017 bulletin

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November 16, 2014

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November 16, 2004

The Road Less Traveled by Tom Lucas

Posted on August 5, 2010 by lakeside

The Road Less Traveled Tom Lucas         Why are so many people concerned with living their lives in a pattern like those around them?  It seems that a majority of people in this country are mainly concerned with fitting in and conforming to a pattern set forth by so called “Mainstream America”.  Sadly this Continue Reading →

Take Up Your Cross by David McDonald

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Take Up Your Cross  David McDonald   As we move from late May to early June across our nation colleges and high school celebrate students who have achieved whatever it is that organization has required for them to graduate.  Graduation cannot be seen as an end, whether it is from pre-kindergarten (yes they even have Continue Reading →

Seven Facts of Creation by David McDonald

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Seven Facts of Creation By David McDonald    In this article, I am providing seven facts of creation that have been outlined in Brad Harrub’s book, Convicted.  Included with each of these seven facts of creation are verses from the rest of the Bible validating the inspired record of the accuracy of the historical information Continue Reading →

Hiding in the Cleft of the Rock by Mike King

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Hiding in the Cleft of the Rock Mike King               On the Gettysburg battlefield, there are two round top hills with a rocky area between known as “Devil’s Den” It became a place of refuge during the fierce battle.  Following the battle, many bodies were retrieved of soldiers seeking refuge “in the cleft of Continue Reading →

Finding and Keeping Peace Within by Mike King

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Finding and Keeping Peace Within Mike King           A letter was received by the IRS stating: “I can’t sleep; my conscience is bothering me, enclosed find a check for fifty dollars.  If I still can’t sleep, I’ll send the balance.”  The writer was just willing to do enough to relieve guilt, but not enough Continue Reading →

Choose The Good Part by David McDonald

Posted on by lakeside

Choose The Good Part David McDonald           Jesus the Son of God was in the house.  What an important time.  Surely everyone in the house was giving Him undivided attention.  Yet, that was not the case.  In fact, not only was it not the case, one sister got mad because the other sister was Continue Reading →

Wresting the Scriptures by Mike King

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Wresting the Scriptures Mike King               The term “wrest” is seldom used in our vocabulary today, but was familiar to those who lived prior to and during the time of the early church. Moses first wrote about it when encouraging the people to not “wrest judgment” (Ex. 23:2, 6; Deut. 16:19). The word means Continue Reading →

What Kind of Child Will This Be? by David McDonald

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What Kind of Child Will This Be? David McDonald   A little boy or girl is born, in this case a little boy.  His father had not been able to speak for almost nine months, but after writing the name for his new born son on a slate, not his own as his friends and Continue Reading →