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Welcome to Lakeside church of Christ
Tuesday, November 21 2017 @ 01:59 PM EST
Lakeside Leadership

Darrell Crawford Ron Garner

Quent Herring

Steve Kovar

(904) 781-4122

(904) 284-3155

 (904) 772-9829

(904) 268-3158

Kris Ledford

David McDonald

Mike Plante

(904) 272-8829

 (904) 868-6886

(904) 272-5211

(904) 215-1806




Joe Wells Tom Lucas David McDonald
Minister Youth Minister Assoc. Minister

(615) 828-4363                                                           

(904) 868-6886 (904) 272-5211


Eric Milford

Facility/Inside (Overall care of the building)

Widows and Orphans: (Contact person for any needs, Orphan homes program, Annual food drives)

Tom Brown

Visitation (New members, Visitors, Sick and Shut-ins)

Billie Bryant

Benevolence (Congregational needs, local needs , Benevolent room, food program for the needy)

Education:(Preschool and lower Elementary)

Frank Broom

CARE Groups

Youth / Lads to Leaders

Steve Lancaster

Education (Secondary Education, Supply Room)

Technology: (Servers, PC's, Domain, Printers, WAN)

Technology: (Website, Telephones, Sound Room, Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Copiers)

Les Michael

Senior Citizens (Planned activities, Wednesday night dinners, Special events)

John Farber

Missions: (World Bible School)  / Education (Pre-school & Lower Elementary)

Michael Mackey


Andy Garner

 Worship / Outside Building Maintenance

Jon Morrison

 College / Young adults

Transportation: (Bus, Maintenance, Rentals of any equipment, And Drivers of Church bus)


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