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Welcome to Lakeside church of Christ
Tuesday, November 21 2017 @ 02:01 PM EST
Prayer List




Duke Bayes 
Donna Halcomb
Sandra Jacobs
Doris Jones
Pam & Kenneth McCarty 
Pat Michael
arlene Pugh
Jim Stutts
Jean Swearingen


Vi Babb (The Terrace)
Mildred Barrett (Doctor’s Lake Health Care Room 104)
Mary Davis
Lillie Green
Shirley Tackett

Marvin Jackson
Pam McCarty

Family & Friends


Please continue to remember our friends and family that are in need of our prayers:

Lenora Whitley - Aunt of Ernie Longino, who has suffered a second stroke
Allie Allen– 14, friend of the Hollenbachers, with brain tumor 
Jan Allison– friend of Christy Wright, lung cancer 
Shamonia Carothers, Niece of Jennifer Jones, brain swelling 
Shirley Copeland– breast cancer 
Joyce Huffman, Karen Bailey’s sister, has COPD 
Rebecca Little– friend of Pam Ledford– stage 4 lymphoma 
James Johnson– Nancy Koester’s, nephew, recovering in rehab 
Jennifer Jones– former member, health issues 
Susan Perot — breast cancer, Peter Esdale’s sister. 
Eric Lammons– stage 4 lymphoma, bone marrow transplant 
Mary Lew Esdale-mother of Peter Esdale car accident 
Sandra Riordin– friend of Ceal Beierly, stage 4 liver cancer 
Beryl Steele, Kim Bouschers mother, shoulder surgery 
Susan Swearingen– health issues, is now at home 
Dave Watson, Kristie Milford’s dad, has colon cancer 
Myrna Wilson- Katie Tucker’s friend mom, has a brain tumor 
Erin Willey, friend of the Shepherd’s, stage 4 colon cancer. 

Monthly Calendar

May 2014


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