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Tuesday, November 21 2017 @ 02:02 PM EST
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The Road Less Traveled by Tom Lucas

The Road Less Traveled

Tom Lucas


      Why are so many people concerned with living their lives in a pattern like those around them?  It seems that a majority of people in this country are mainly concerned with fitting in and conforming to a pattern set forth by so called “Mainstream America”.  Sadly this pattern does not follow the path set forth by Christ, but it is one that leads to destruction. 

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Take Up Your Cross by David McDonald

Take Up Your Cross

 David McDonald


As we move from late May to early June across our nation colleges and high school celebrate students who have achieved whatever it is that organization has required for them to graduate.  Graduation cannot be seen as an end, whether it is from pre-kindergarten (yes they even have those now), to kindergarten (yes even those) to sixth grade (yes . . .) to high school, to an AA, a BA, a MA, or even a Ph.D.  Graduations which are seen as an end do injustice to the doors they open to one’s future.  Graduation is all about opening more doors.

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Seven Facts of Creation by David McDonald

Seven Facts of Creation

By David McDonald


 In this article, I am providing seven facts of creation that have been outlined in Brad Harrub’s book, Convicted.  Included with each of these seven facts of creation are verses from the rest of the Bible validating the inspired record of the accuracy of the historical information provided to us by the Holy Spirit in Genesis chapters 1-11.  I wanted to take this opportunity to again lay out the facts and provide the sampling of verses in writing for your own personal study.

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Hiding in the Cleft of the Rock by Mike King

Hiding in the Cleft of the Rock

Mike King


            On the Gettysburg battlefield, there are two round top hills with a rocky area between known as “Devil’s Den” It became a place of refuge during the fierce battle.  Following the battle, many bodies were retrieved of soldiers seeking refuge “in the cleft of the rock.” What was hoped to be protection became a vault by which they were entrapped.

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Finding and Keeping Peace Within by Mike King

Finding and Keeping Peace Within

Mike King


        A letter was received by the IRS stating: “I can’t sleep; my conscience is bothering me, enclosed find a check for fifty dollars.  If I still can’t sleep, I’ll send the balance.”  The writer was just willing to do enough to relieve guilt, but not enough to square the debt.

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