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Welcome to Lakeside church of Christ
Tuesday, November 21 2017 @ 02:01 PM EST




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Lakeside church of Christ Youth Page


…The church with a heart,teddyBoxAnim.gif (4443 bytes) not to mention a very active youth group!  Whether you’re 5 or 18, we have a program designed to fit you.  Come join us anytime…we look forward to meeting you!

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Christian Lights

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Christian Lights are our smallest youth.  Children from Kindergarten to 3rd grade meet once a month to do service projects and fun activities.  Some of their projects have included making cards for the sick and shut-ins and preparing meals for families in need.  Christian Lights help us to learn to work together in Service to God.  We also learn the importance of doing activities with our church friends.


Kids for Christ

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The next step up is Kids for Christ.  We’ve become a little more independent by the 4th grade.  This group is designed for 4th to 6th graders to get together for service projects and fun.  We enjoy making cards for the sick and shut-ins as well as preparing baskets for the needy at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We do fun things like bowling, putt-putt, and laser-tag.

bluestarBouncing.gif (3929 bytes) Teens 4 Christ bluestarBouncing.gif (3929 bytes)

We eat, talk, and then hear a great lesson from one of our members.  We sing devotional songs and end with a prayer.  This is a time for us to write cards to the sick or shut-ins or do any other service projects that are needed.

After that...LET THE GAMES BEGIN!  Whether we're playing "Wink" or throwing bread at our peanut butter-smeared friends, we have a great time!

Come on out to Teens 4 Christ and bring a friend!  We guarantee a great time and an unforgettable lesson!


Random Acts of Kindness.  Each month the youth get together in search of families who need things done.  Whether we're raking a yard, preparing food, or singing and visiting shut-ins, we always feel rewarded by the big smiles on the faces of the people we help.


Once a month on a "Sunday Night After Church", the youth get together to do a service project for one or two members in need of work or just spiritual uplifting.  We cook, we clean, we sing...you name it!  After we're finished we go bowling, skating, or out to eat.

busred.gif (25817 bytes)    Youth Trips    busred.gif (25817 bytes) 

    After worship, youth trips are the best part of church activities. We always have a great time.

            Youth Rallies are great! We go to youth rallies throughout the year. These are a wonderful opportunity for us to hear spiritual lessons from Godly men. It also gives us the opportunity to meet other Christian teenagers from other cities and states. Whether we stay in a hotel or with families from the church, everyone is so willing to help out and make us feel right at home. These are great get-a-ways spent with hundreds of Christian teenagers to help us recharge our batteries.

            Winter Retreat was started in 2004. We went skiing in Maggie Valley, NC. Most of us had never been in snow, and none of us had ever skied. It was amazing to see God’s beauty all around us. In addition to learning to ski, we had daily devotionals focusing on personal evangelism. Tom taught us to use everyday opportunities to “let our Christian lights shine.”

            Experience is the best! This is a trip we take down to Florida Bible Camp in the Spring. Each year is a different theme, for example the 2005 trip was Song. The whole weekend we had lessons on worshipping God through Song. Our activities all centered around spiritual songs and the messages they send. Everyone looks forward to Experience.

            Convention Yes sir that’s the best! Convention is an annual event in which churches of Christ get together and participate in Song Leading, Speech, Art, Debate, Puppets, Bible reading, Bible bowl, and so much more. It’s also a time we can spend with our fellow Christians. There are many places to sight-see whether we are in Atlanta or Orlando. It's great being with so many Christians!

            Summer Escape .  is exactly what it says. This is a time for us to get away right after school lets out for the summer. In 2005 we went to Busch Gardens. B.T. takes us away to get us de-stressed from the school year and pump us up for our service projects he’s planned for the summer months.

            I have to say that if I could go anywhere with anybody my favorite thing is going on a  youth trip with all my friends from church.


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Each July we go to the Prime Osborn Convention Center in downtown Jacksonville to compete with other area congregations. We study hard and have loads of fun! Last year we had 6 teams, and we had as much fun studying together for Bible Bowl as we did competing! Our congregation came out in mass to watch us.

daisy5.bmp (12726 bytes) FLORIDA BIBLE CAMP daisy5.bmp (12726 bytes)

  Camp is a great experience for everyone!  We attend Florida Bible Camp in High Springs, Florida yearly.    Campers from age 8 - 18 have formed great friendships learning how to get along with others for a week.  Not only are friendships built here, but our relationship with God is strengthened.

  Each day campers attend Bible classes and Chapel to help us to grow closer to God.  Campers are also involved in recreational activities and Bible Olympics as part of the “fun activities” for the week.  When Saturday comes, it is hard to leave it all behind. We know there's always next year!



music.gif (1087 bytes) Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes music.gif (1087 bytes)

What an awesome program!  Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes teaches us the skills needed to become leaders in the Lord’s church.  We learn public speaking, song leading, puppet ministry, and learn to use our talents to teach others about Christ.

 Most of us agree that our Lads and Leaderettes classes have helped us in school when it comes to oral projects.  We’ve learned from a young age to speak in front of crowds.  The program encourages us to use our God-given talents to spread the word of God.

As you can see, there's always something to do here at Lakeside.  Come visit and let us show you how much fun you can have serving the Lord!              


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